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What do I believe?

It’s easy to get lost in the noise right now. Differing opinions are thrown about with careless abandon across all forms of communication. It's loud and it's everywhere I turn. It’s unsettling. It’s made me pause. It’s made me question. It’s made me wonder…what do I believe? I have to sit for a few quiet minutes and think. What do I believe?

I believe in the lucky number 13.

I believe in the protectiveness of the cross and the Italian horn.

I believe in the healing power of prayer and of laughter.

I believe in the comfort of loud, chaotic times with family and friends.

I believe that receiving a smile can shape a person’s day.

I believe in asking “what’s next?”, instead of wallowing in the “why me?”

I believe in the power of patience and kindness.

I believe in my husband, and in my sons.

I believe that if you calm your mind, and your breath, you can change the course of your day.

I believe in helping strangers.

I believe we all have an amazing amount of grace and strength within us.

I believe in the soul-healing power of homemade food and of human touch.

I believe in the restorative power of nature.

I believe you can see God’s grace everywhere, if you quiet yourself long enough to see it.

I feel better. This grounds me, helps me push the chaos aside for a bit. The noise is still there but I feel better about my place amongst it. They can say whatever they want, I know what I believe. And for now, I have peace of mind.


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