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Cloud Line

One friend gave me a book of poetry,

Another gave me a book of essays...encouraging me to write again...

I've been struggling. I'm trying something kind.

You get used to the gray

Wrapping everything in a sort of haze

Can’t hear the rain

But the drops stream down the window pane

Momentum pushes foward

Towards the gray abyss,

into nothing but the white nothingness

Sound triggers you to remain still,

Turbulence, hands gripping, heart racing until

Momentum pushes backward

Rising, rising up you go

Nothing changes, the gray continues to grow

Remind yourself to breathe

Remind yourself this isn’t always so

Stability, everything is leveling

Sound reminds you its safe with a ding

Clear, bright blue

As far as you can see

The white lays below you, as calm as the sea

The blue has always been there, as long as you’re willing to see

Sometimes we need to get above the cloud line in order to believe.


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